La Sinfónica with the community

To feel the music, to feel the Sinfónica de Tenerife, is an experience within everyone's reach. The Sinfónica de Tenerifecontributes to the well-being of as many people as possible through music on the island of Tenerife and beyond. To this end, throughout the year we perform concerts for schoolchildren, in senior centers, hospitals, penitentiary institutions, as well as many other musical activities that facilitate social cohesion.


Concerts and social activities

School Concerts: The Sinfónica de Tenerife organizes concerts aimed at schoolchildren, offering students the opportunity to experience classical music firsthand. These educational events are designed to inspire and educate young people, creating an early bond with musical art.

Concerts for Babies and Families: Concerts especially designed for babies under three years of age and for families with young children. These events are structured to be accessible and attractive to the youngest, fostering an environment of musical enjoyment for the whole family.

Concerts in Senior Centers: La Sinfónica also performs in senior centers, bringing music to those who may not be able to attend concerts in auditoriums. These performances not only provide entertainment, but also offer therapeutic and emotional benefits for the residents.

Concerts in Hospitals: Symphony musicians regularly visit hospitals, bringing moments of relief and joy to patients and healthcare staff. Live music can have a positive impact on patients' recovery and emotional well-being.

Concerts in Penitentiary Institutions: Social inclusion is a fundamental pillar of the mission of the Sinfónica de Tenerife. Through concerts in penitentiary institutions, we seek to offer inmates enriching cultural experiences, encouraging reflection and personal development through art.

La Sinfónica Contigo

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